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Jana Rogge


Jana Rogge is a German remote viewer, author, RV researcher and graphic designer.

She is the current Editor of the Aperture magazine, published by the International Remote Viewing Association (IRVA). Jana runs several projects in the RV field, such as PSI unit, the PSI.vision Institute and local work groups. She is founding member and chairman of the Institute of Element Studies.

She started as an artist, then studied visual communication in Weimar and graduated with a diplom in graphic design (2001). She manages a communications and design agency and two publishing houses. For many years she held a teaching position at the Bauhaus University in Weimar, teaching the fundamentals of visual design and perception theory. Her publishing house Origin Scientific publishes serious, scientific or journalistic articles in the fields of anomalistics, parapsychology and edge sciences and is currently building a series of scientific and historical publications on Remote Viewing.

Together with Paul H. Smith, Jana Rogge has made a start on laying the foundation in Germany for a responsibly conducted CRV training program under the auspices of RVIS, Inc.